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Tree Manuals

Tree and Shrub Injury Symptoms in Lawns Treated with Imprelis Herbicide
Before you order tree seedlings
Autumn Colors
Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees
Selecting Landscaping Plants: Flowering Trees
Uncommon Trees for Specimen Planting
Selecting Landscape Plants: Needled Evergreens
Selecting Landscape Plants: Broad-leaved Evergreens
Growing Azaleas and Rhododendrons
Selected Ground Covers for Missouri
Selecting Landscape Plants: Ornamental Vines
How to Plant a Tree
Fertilizing Shade Trees
Pruning and Care of Shade Trees
First Aid for Storm-Damaged Trees
Pruning Ornamental Shrubs
Irrigating Trees and Shrubs During Summer Drought
Leaf Scorch of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
Preventing Construction Damage to Trees
Tree Placement on Home Grounds
Insect Borers of Fruit Trees
The Bagworm in Missouri
The Mimosa Webworm in Missouri
Periodical Cicadas in Missouri
Insect Defoliators of Missouri Trees: Colony Feeders
Insect and Mite Galls on Missouri Trees
Twig Girdler and Twig Pruner
Establishment and Care of Woody Ornamentals
Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs